For several years, Suzette Dorsey as "T i n a", along with 12 cast members, including talented backing vocalists, shapely choreographed dancers and a world class band, have performed extensively worldwide. The show (formerly "Simply the Best") is upwards of 2 hours of amazing entertainment that has been acclaimed in such places as the British Isles, throughout Europe, the Middle East, Japan and across the U.S.A., from Las Vegas to Atlantic City.

Suzette's incredible likeness to Tina Turner, both visually and vocally, enhances the "magic" that makes her a real show stopper, worthy of portraying this World Class Star. Packed with High Energy, Color and Excitement, Suzette Dorsey re-creates a Tina Turner Concert that dazzles audiences everywhere. This show is truly a "must see" for all Tina Turner fans!  

The "Forever T I N A"          Story